Corporate Card



A Corporate Card is a green fee card that can be acquired by companies. The card gives one guest access to play one green fee round per card per day.

Our Corporate Card can be obtained in a plus one edition. The plus-edition gives access to a free buggy during the golf season for all golf rounds.*

The card will be equipped with a voucher code, to make it possible for you to book Tee times at our website by yourself.

The card can be used by anyone with a maximum handicap of 36.

When the card is used, your tee time will be confirmed via e-mail, this way we can deliver data with number of played rounds used at your personal card, when the season is over.

*The buggy season runs from 1st of April to the 30th of September. The Royal Golf Club reserves the rights to shut down buggy driving at any time the Course Manager deems it necessary.


Golf as active marketing. Four hours in exclusive company with your most important business relationships, that is what golf can offer you.

Our company’s arrangement is not a membership, but an extended green fee system with the opportunity of daily rounds at the Royal Championship Course.

The rights to play are not tied to only one name. This means that it can be used by any of the company’s employees and all of the company’s business partners and in this way be a part of active marketing as well as the expansion of business relationships.

We customize the arrangements for each company, to make it just right for your company’s needs.

Rules and regulations regarding the Corporate Card, press here.


If you are interested then please reach out to Marc Riesel our CCO on +45 60 25 10 25 or [email protected]

You can also submit a request for being contacted on the button below