Terms of the Corporate Card


Corporate Card

A Corporate Card is a green fee card that can be acquired by companies with a valid CVR/VAT number (hereinafter “Corporate Card”), and is an agreement entered into with Royal Golf Center A/S, CVR/VAT number 27 52 37 30.

The card gives one person access to play one green fee round per card and per day**. However, with restrictions on the Weekday Corporate Card.


A Corporate Card can be acquired in 2 versions:

  • Premium Corporate Card which gives access all days incl. public holidays.
  • Weekday Corporate Card which gives access on all weekdays ex. public holidays.


Both Corporate Cards are available in a plus version. The Plus edition gives access to a free buggy during the golf season for all golf rounds*.

The Corporate Card will be equipped with a code which enables you to order tee times at www.royalgolf.dk. Tee times can only be ordered online. It is not permitted to play without pre-booking a time via www.royalgolf.dk.

The Corporate Card can be used by any player with a maximum handicap of 36 and knowledge of the rules and etiquette of the golf rules. Dress code, area instructions and instructions from the Marshal or Royal Golf Club staff must be complied with at all times.

When the Corporate Card is used, your round is automatically registered, we can provide data with the number of rounds played on your Corporate Card at any time.


Use of the Corporate Card

The code on the Corporate Card is confidential and may not be transferred to or used by anyone other than the company’s contact person for booking a tee time. If there are several contact persons in the company, the names of all contact persons must be disclosed to Royal Golf Club.

The Corporate Card or booked tee times may not be the subject of resale or prize, just as the code may not be published, including on social media etc.

If the code is suspected of being misused, the cardholder is asked to immediately contact the Royal Golf Club, which will immediately delete the old code and issue a new code. Royal Golf Club is also entitled to delete the old code and issue a new code if abuse is suspected.

All golfing takes place at your own risk. The Royal Golf Club does not accept responsibility for personal injuries to a golfer or visitors to the area as a result of an accident caused by the actions or defective actions of a golfer or other visitors and which has occurred on Royal Golf Club grounds.


Entry into force

The agreement comes into force when the Corporate Card is received. Any objections regarding the delivery must be notified to the Royal Golf Club immediately after the delivery has taken place.

It is not possible to pause the Corporate Card.



A Corporate Card runs for one calendar year at a time.

The agreement can be terminated in writing by each of the parties with 1 month’s notice before the end of a calendar year, however, so that the agreement can never be terminated before the end of the next calendar year after the date of entry into force.

The Corporate Card is automatically renewed unless notice is given in writing before the end of November that a Corporate Card is not desired for the coming year.



The Corporate Card for the coming year will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided in December. An invoice with an invoicing fee will be sent in January, due at the end of January.



If payment conditions for the Corporate Card are not met, the code will be closed. If ordered rounds are registered on the Corporate Card, the green fee rate applicable at any time will be charged for the ordered rounds.


Terms changes

The Royal Golf Club reserves the right to increase the annual price of the Corporate Card by 10% per year. The cardholder can terminate the agreement with Royal Golf Club if the price increases by more than 10%.

The Royal Golf Club may increase the fees charged by up to 10% per year. The cardholder can terminate the agreement with Royal Golf Club if the fee increase exceeds 10% per year.

Royal Golf Club also reserves the right to change the other terms of the Corporate Card at Royal Golf Club with 3 months’ notice. In the case of significant changes, this must be done before the end of a calendar year with a minimum of one month’s notice.

Changes to terms and conditions may be due to changed business conditions, market conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

Changes are notified as a minimum via service e-mails.

The Royal Golf Club recommends that all items of value are kept securely during your stay at the centre. The Royal Golf Club accepts no liability for loss due to theft or damage to property, including cars.

It is not permitted to use the Royal Golf Club’s premises or facilities as a location for recording video or images for the purpose of marketing without prior agreement with the Royal Golf Club’s marketing department. It is also not permitted to use the Royal Golf Club’s logo and other trademarks without prior permission.

If Teetimes are ordered for other employees/customers, terms must be disclosed to the player.



In the event of misuse of the Corporate Card, including in the event of sales or other forms of unauthorized dissemination of tee times, the Royal Golf Club will be entitled to cancel the Corporate Card with immediate effect without any form of compensation or other form of repayment of remuneration.

Royal Golf Club will also be able to cancel the Corporate Card agreement with immediate effect if it is found twice or more that players on the Corporate Card do not comply with area instructions or instructions from the Marshal or Royal Golf Club’s staff.


Bag cabinet

As a Corporate Card holder, it will be possible to rent a bag locker. The rental of a storage locker can only be invoiced to the company.

The luggage is covered by the user’s own contents insurance and not Royal Golf Club’s insurance.

The lessee of the luggage locker assumes all responsibility for the contents of the luggage locker – and therefore cannot demand compensation or in any way hold others responsible for any defects.

The tenant accepts that the rent for a back locker is paid in advance at the same time as the Corporate Card. The agreement on the rental of a storage cupboard applies for one calendar year at a time. Termination notices follow the Corporate Card.

You cannot have a bagging agreement without having a Corporate Card or a membership of the Royal Golf Club. If a Corporate Card agreement is terminated, the guarantee is automatically terminated with this.

If the back cupboard is not emptied at the end of the agreement, the lock is cut and the back cupboard is emptied. The contents of the cupboard are handed over to the police’s lost property office.


Generel information

Royal Golf Club is a private golf facility run by Royal Golf Center A/S. The Royal Golf Club is therefore not a golf club or association where Corporate Card holders have administrative or other powers, as all decisions regarding the operation of the Royal Golf Club and the determination of the applicable terms and rules are solely made by Royal Golf Center A/S.


* The buggy season runs from 1st of April to 30th of September. The Royal Golf Club reserves the right to close the buggy drive at any time when the Course Manager deems it necessary.

** The course may be closed due to weather, events and arrangements including Company Days. No compensation is provided in the event that the course is closed due to weather, events or is occupied by other players.


If a discrepancy between language versions, the Danish version applies at all times.

Royal Golf Center a/s – 31th of December 2022


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